GDELT GKG Network Visualization

This is a custom network visualization created from the GDELT GKG via the GDELT Analytics Service and GDELT. See below for details on its construction.

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GDELT GKG Network Visualization

GDELT GKG Custom Network Visualization

This visualization uses the GDELT Global Knowledge Graph from the GDELT Project to visualize the network of all of the selected entities that appeared in global news coverage monitored by GDELT that matched a set of search criteria. Entities appearing together in an article/nameset are connected and only those entities and connections appearing in at least a certain number of namesets or articles are displayed. Mouse over a name to see who is who - click on a name to display only the portion of the network connected to that name. You can also download the underlying GEXF file to load the network into Gephi for more sophisticated analysis and visualization capabilities.

The search criteria used to construct this graph:

	Start Date = 12/12/2015
	End Date = 07/16/2019
	Node/Edge Weight: NAMESETS
	Node Cutoff Threshold = 20
	Edge Cutoff Threshold = 10
	Must have ALL these keywords: climate, biodiversity, water
	Must also have AT LEAST ONE of: agriculture, infrastructure, energy, finance, food, shipping, science, ocean, watershed, forestry, land use
	Must NOT have ANY of: coal, nuclear

Layout performed by the Force Atlas 2 algorithm and community detection through modularity finding, both via Gephi. Gephi Toolkit automation script and Sigma.js visualization tool provided by the Oxford Internet Institute.

Create your own GDELT GKG network visualization using the GDELT Analytics Service.

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