GDELT GKG Heatmap Visualization

GDELT GKG Custom Heatmap Visualization

This visualization uses the GDELT EVENT Dataset from the GDELT Project to create a heatmap visualization of global events monitored by GDELT that matched a set of search criteria. You can also download the underlying CSV file to load the coordinates into a GIS package for further visualization and analysis.

Use the sliderbar in the upper left of this visualization to adjust the display threshold for the visualization - this effects the number of namesets/articles a location must have before it is displayed.

The search criteria used to construct this heatmap:

	Start Date = 01/01/2014
	End Date = 
	Actor1 Country: 
	Actor1 Type: 
	Actor2 Country: 
	Actor2 Type: CVL
	Event Code: 
	Event Quad Class: 4
	Event Country: 
	Weighting: NUMEVENTS

Heatmap display courtesy of the heatmap.js JavaScript heatmap library.

Create your own GDELT EVENT heatmap visualization using the GDELT Analytics Service.